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Britax sale at Amazon [Feb. 26th, 2008|01:34 pm]
Nathan Hoover
Just wanted to let everyone know that Amazon is having a sale on Britax stuff! It's very rare to be on sale, so take advantage of the deals if they're relevant!

Britax Sale at Amazon.com

Link all your friends to my deals blog to let them know about it. Amazon pays a healthy commission on this type of product, so I thank you in advance for your referrals!


In other non-product-pimping related news, I'm fine, life is good, the sale of my company went through yesterday, but no adverse effects are imminent.

(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: twistperception
2008-02-26 11:35 pm (UTC)
I didn't even wear a suit the other day, just some decent pants an oxford... but yeah, I'm back on the jeans and t-shirt program today. :)

Turns out those guys showed up mostly in jeans anyways (we had no idea what they'd be like).

Now comes the waiting. We should get an idea in the next few weeks how things will go... basically it depends on which they like better, our auction systems or theirs. To our knowledge we have a lot more complete system than them, so it seems like we'll stick with ours (and therefore we'll be the primary/only software shop in the company). If they want to stick with theirs, I'm not really interested (and I doubt my coworkers are either) in playing second fiddle to some guys in Dresden, so, we'll all move along.

Luckily, this is Silicon Valley after all, lots of software jobs, so, it shouldn't be a problem one way or the other. They still need us to assist in some kind of transition even if they want to junk our software entirely, so it's not like we'll show up one day and be out of jobs.
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